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BLS integration GmbH & CO. KG emerged from the Kreyenborg Group (since 2013 Nordson Corporation) and is a service and software provider specialising in business software. We concentrate on the development and the selling of ERP, CRM, and document management solutions as well as the realization of customized data base applications.

In addition, the BLS-integration offers services for business integration.

Thanks to our many years of experience in developing customized business software and our in-house ERP-system Soluperium, a lean manufacturing solution for medium-sized businesses, we are able to cover a large part of the duties of business software.
Our strength lies in the economic connection between "standard software" and the homogeneous integration of individual software. This helps us to create powerful solutions together with our customers, which provide exactly what they need.

JONYX offers long-term planning-security and develops with your tasks, your job and your company.

It is our goal, through process optimization and the use of modern technologies, such as the object-oriented programming in Java, to increase productivity significantly and thus generate added value for our customers.

Our actions are guided by the belief that good software can be measured by how much they support the people in an organization and meet the needs of the practice efficiently.

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