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The first beginnings of JONYX occurred at the end of the nineties in Switzerland. It was here that an extremely modern and ahead of its time ERP system was developed. The system was completely object orientated, gave completely new possibilities in the development of business processes and made a big step away from the pure monolithic ERP software.

At the time of the millennium, many projects were won -much more than could be serviced at the time. However, a variety of children's diseases, as well as rapid and uncontrolled growth ended this success story abruptly. Many companies quickly changed the software, while others remained on this innovative platform.

A group of these companies are so convinced about the benefits of this software that they have joined forces. With a large investment, this union has made ??sure that there is now a new system that continues with all the advantages of the old system, but as a complete rewrite using the latest technology.

This new development is JONYX.

Different German and Swiss companies already use systems based on JONYX, which are used by several hundred users.

Since 2012 we have added new projects, which through the expertise of our customers, our development skills and the capabilities of the JONYX framework enable good solutions to emerge.