The simple solution
for complex tasks

Seek an innovative way
and get a tailor-made solution.

Always where so-called "standard" software reaches its limits, because there are requirements that lie next to the power spectrum of such software or in their complexity, which cannot be satisfied with it, JONYX offers an excellent alternative.

Our solution can be an expert system, able to operate in parallel or in addition to a "standard" software, as well as to the actual enterprise software, where all processes are mapped with JONYX.

A typical application would be situations where a conventional ERP system is not able to capture special requirements, which for example lie in the field of calculation, product handling, or the fulfilment of specific rules and regulations. JONYX is then able to meet this part of the special requirements.

The costs usually lie below those of a conventional solution. Additionally, the custom-made solution is slimmer and more efficient. Combine this with our many years of experience in the process optimization and it is clear that we can generate an important increase in value for our customers.

JONYX offers simple and safe access to your business-critical data over the Internet. Therefore it is particularly suitable for enterprises with mobile and decentralized employees who can work any time and at any place just as efficiently, as if located in the central office.

Because of the multi-client ability and multi-lingual use, it is easily and effortlessly used in different locations and subsidiary companies, and is thus preparatory in the best way for any future company development and the progressive internationalization of the commercial world.

In order to convince yourself of our capabilities and technical possibilities, please visit our Jonyx solutions website .