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During the development of JONYX, an emphasis laid on security from the very beginning. This became the foundation for JONYX modern architecture, which is based on proven industry standards, and will receive ongoing updates to continuously improve and protect against newly discovered vulnerabilities.

The transaction backups of Microsoft SQL Server, which serves as database system for JONYX, ensure data security. This protection ensures that the system can be reset at any time to any point in the past.

This is not only useful in everyday operation, but especially in the event of a system crash, and will protect against critical data loss.

JONYX also contains comprehensive permissions management, which allows access to all functions to be selectively enabled: each individual employee will only access data they actually need.

The access rights can be assigned for individual users as well as within user roles, which allows for easy and precise rights management.

All access rights are linked to the respective users, so an employee can have different users with different access rights. This can be a huge advantage for companies with multiple locations.